It all started with a vision – a vision of waves of young people who hit the shores of every country, every continent of the world with the message of Christ. YWAM’s waves hit the shores of the Philippines in the early 70’s. One crest of those present-day waves is the Mobile Discipleship Ministry. In 1993, Doug Sharpe and family, together with the Mobile Discipleship Team, set out to pioneer a training center in Talisay City, Cebu. From the very first day when they set foot on the property in Carmen Village, Talisay City, it has been an adventure of faith! 

The MDM Base was established on the foundations of worship, intercession and family which has created a lifestyle that continues to this very day. It is during these times of seeking the Lord’s face that the Lord reveals to us His heart and challenges us to cooperate with Him in His work. The expansion and growth of the base as well as all ministry opportunities have been birthed during these times of encounter.

Even before the Mobile Discipleship Team left Manila for Cebu, the Lord was at work to lead them into their inheritance. Upon finding the property in Carmen Village, the team entered into a rental contract with an option to purchase after three years. Nothing in the team’s bank account indicated that this could be a remote possibility but they had God’s prophetic promises. There were times when their faith wavered but a strong admonition from the Lord to “obey or miss His blessing” encouraged them to keep believing that what the Lord had promised would surely come to pass.

On July 3, 1996, exactly three years to the day when the team moved into the property on 3rd St., the leaders were able to sign a deed of sale and present the full amount of PhP2.4 million pesos to purchase the property. God’s grace and the generosity of so many people enabled the team to experience this great victory!

Every year since 1995, the Discipleship Training School (DTS) has been training and sending outreach teams all throughout the Philippines and beyond.

Our children’s ministry primarily to the poor children in the Talisay area has been greatly expanded through the present leadership of Joel and Lucille Hapa! Their leadership has brought so much continued blessing to the base as they carry the vision of a visionary family of worshiping warriors impacting the world with God’s love!

It is impossible for us to recount all the wonderful things God has done! 
Many faces, many lives, and many hearts touched by the gospel of Christ. Many changes, many challenges but one faithful God whose promises are true! As one surveys all that the Lord has done in the last 25 years, one can only stand in awe and give praise to God—truly our history, is His Story! Come and be a part of this amazing adventure of faith!

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