Kids Ministry

Our heart is to disciple children to be followers of God and to teach them about His love. Our program includes songs, dances, and drama. We also want to bring joy in their lives through arts and crafts, games, and other fun activities!

Island Ministry

We have our own boat that we are using to reach different islands of the Visayas. We travel to reach more people and share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Hospital Visitation

We visit our local hospital to pray and encourage the patients and their families. We use this as our opportunity to listen to their struggles and bring hope from God’s Word for their lives.

Prison Ministry

We visit the prison because we want to give the inmates hope for a better future. We want them to know that God doesn’t condemn them, but He loves them so much. Our program includes worship, presentation, sharing of testimony, and God’s Word.

Mother’s Bible Study

We want the mothers to know more about God and make a positive impact in their communities. We study God’s word with them and encourage them to live a Godly life together with their family.

Youth Ministry

We challenge our youth to get deeper into God’s word and have personal relationship with Him as their Father. Our heart’s desire is to see these young people make a difference in their circles of influence.

Hosting Teams

We host teams from different YWAM Bases and churches from around the world. Visiting teams are exposed to our different ministries, such us mercy ministry, evangelism, youth, and church ministry.


As YWAM Cebu, we have our own farm, where we plant different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Our goal for this farm is to generate funds to help our staff for their staff fees and other needs.


Jesus Fiesta

This is one of our biggest annual events. We celebrate God’s faithfulness in our Children and Mothers ministries towards the end of the year.

Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS)

Daily Vacation Bible Schools are learning activities that we conduct every April and May. We facilitate a week-long program that includes songs, dramas, teaching, memory verses, and arts and crafts.

Discipleship Training Week

A Discipleship Training Week is a week-long preview course of DTS. This training encourages students in their walk with God and equips them for outreach. Throughout the week, students participate in lectures on foundational topics, worship, intercession, performing arts, and community outreach.We conduct DTW every summer vacation (April-May).

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