Word by Heart

The fastest growing school in YWAM, is training up storytellers! Bringing the words of Jesus to life by bridging cultures and languages. The stories will become so real to you that you will become like an eyewitness to the events found in scripture. Once you have experienced the gospel like this, natural memory is unlocked and you will be able to share the stories of Jesus word for word from one of the gospel books in just three months… without memorizing!!!

In this course students will discuss, debate and meditate on weekly scriptures from the gospel, in order to find deeper meaning and understanding of the Bible. Through this, students will have an experience so deep that they will be able to re-tell the stories from the gospel, word for word in their native language— as if they themselves were an actual eyewitness to the event! In doing this, students will be transformed to be more like Jesus. Students will also learn storytelling skills and practice natural memory techniques- without memorizing! Students will learn how to create imaginary memories and see for themself what the eyewitnesses saw and say what they meant- developing honest, technique-free communication that compels audience attention and understanding of the scriptures!


We are becoming “eyewitnesses” to Jesus’ story, the greatest story ever told! Word By Heart helps you know Jesus personally and share him in a unique way by internalizing the gospel story and sharing it word-for-word with others. You’ll experience Him through your own imagination- as if you were actually walking with Jesus himself while he performed many miracles… such as opening the eyes of a blind man!


Word by Heart is about experiencing Jesus through His Word. What if you had lived during Jesus’ time, and had actually walked the streets with him as one of his 12 disciples? What if you witnessed his miracles right before your very own eyes? How would this have effected your life, and the way you relate with the people/world around you? And how would you tell your friends about your experiences with Jesus? As we put ourselves into each of the stories found in the gospel, we begin to see Jesus in a whole new way- and become more like Jesus himself. Be prepared to be transformed through His Word!


The process of “TruthTelling” Understanding the Cultural/Historical Background Re-imagining and Experiencing the Word/Events Personalization of the Passage/Events Learning the exact words of Scripture- without memorizing! Retelling the Story in a way that Captivates your audience.

In just 12 weeks, your way of approaching the scriptures will be transformed- and so will you! Experiencing the gospel in this way molds us to become more like Jesus! You will develop a deep hunger for more of the Word, and the Word itself will begin to naturally flow out of you as you share your experiences of the gospel with the people around you.

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